Shop Finishing

In addition to the diverse range of services offered by our field operation, our shop provides wood and metal finishing for an industrial, commercial and residential client base throughout New England.

We finish a broad range of products from precision parts for the machine tool industry, to 18th century reproduction cabinetry for local cabinet makers. Our prior finishing experience for the furniture and store fixture industries has greatly amplified our finishing options and solutions for local woodworkers and cabinet makers, as well as for our residential clients. Additionally, our residential clients benefit from our being able to remove items from their homes like doors, cabinetry, radiators, and grills. The finishes on these items benefit greatly from superior surface preparation as well as the spray application of finishes that our shop allows.

Besides becoming Mohegan Sun’s “Specialty Finisher” and touchup expert with their hardwoods, furniture and fixtures, we also continue to refinish and touchup furniture on consignment for Renaissance’s clients. Our acquired knowledge base has enabled us to apply the more sophisticated furniture coloring and finishing products to the finishing of architectural woodworking, cabinetry and residential trim elements, which produce much richer and far superior results to those “off the shelf” in architectural paint stores

Mohegan Sun Casino Project:

Mohegan Sun Tribal Council rejected valence panels covered with fabric in model room before renovation of 1000 rooms began in the Sky Hotel. Renaissance Painting was brought in to change the color of the valences (3 5ft panels in each room) to match the new furniture. We solved not only an aesthetic problem but also saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.