Interior Painting and Finishing

Quality woodwork and wall finishes – both pleasing to the eye and touch – are achieved by meticulous surface preparation; maintaining a clean working environment; technically sound application techniques; and by using the best materials available for the job. The process begins with the preparation, the most important and time consuming segment of the job.

Preparation involves:

  • Protection of floors, furnishings, and adjacent rooms
  • Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of hardware
  • Patching and filling woodwork and walls to eliminate surface imperfections
  • Sanding, both mechanical (Hepa filtered vacuum sander)and manual,of surfaces after cosmetic repairs and between each coat of paint
  • Examination of surfaces between coats of primers and paint with re-patching as necessary
  • Vacuuming of dust on both woodwork and floors at the end of each day


  • Vacuuming and tacking woodwork after surface preparation and before coating
  • Application of paints and varnishes with brushes, rollers and or air assisted sprayer, as the situation demands
  • Detailing of rooms involving meticulous cleanup and walk through with customers