About Us

Renaissance was founded in 1976 in response to the ongoing need for high professional standards in the painting and decorating industry, and just as importantly, to preserve the painting traditions of past generations of painters.

We felt strongly that there would always be a need for the fine finishes of those who had preceded us in the trade; and that adhering to their disciplined methods and techniques, as well as keeping abreast of and implementing developing technologies, would set us apart from our competition. During our 40 years in business we have endeavored to become one of the most diverse painting and decorating companies in the Greater Hartford Area. Our 2000 sq foot facility in Glastonbury, Connecticut serves not only as the “hub” and training center for our field operation, but also as our shop where we design finishes; paint and finish furniture and cabinetry; spray and finish machine parts and other metal products for local craftsmen and manufacturers.

The common thread that unites all of our services is a level of quality that we expect will both satisfy and or exceed our client’s expectations and the industry standards established by the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, our parent trade organization.

Renaissance contributed a crew for a day to work with and train a Syrian father and his sons to prep and paint their rental house in Glastonbury. This with the end goal of lowering their annual rent expense.

Our Values & Principles:

  • Culture of craftsmanship established at its inception has endured 4 recessions, changing social values, and an influx of competition in a largely unregulated industry.
  • Systems in place to consistently achieve industry standard levels of performance, as well as the expected behaviors of respect and courtesy that makes for as pleasant an experience as possible.
  • Unwavering commitment to preserve standards of quality workmanship from a bygone era of European tradition.
  • Moral, ethical and fiduciary responsibility to each and every one of our clients.
  • Honest assessment of our clients’ individual needs.
  • Professional service from the initial calls to the informative first meeting and detailed quote, to the last touchups.
  • Diversity of services highlighted by our shop operation that features cabinet, hardwood, and metal finishing. A market niche that we own in the Greater Hartford Area.